Wrote Letter L-587 of sometime in August to James Jurin about the similarities between globules in blood and in the lees of wine to argue against Jurin’s hope to discover how blood globules are made

August 1, 1723
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Collected Letters volume: 

This letter was translated into Latin by Johannes Hoogvliet and sent to James Jurin, together with the following Letter L-588, and the cover Letter L-590, dated 4 September 1723. Because the letters are in Latin, no contemporary translations into English were made. Neither letter by Leeuwenhoek is dated or signed, so Hoogvliet probably made the translations after Leeuwenhoek died. Jurin decided to publish them in the order in which they were read to the Royal Society.

The Latin title in Philosophical Transactions translates to “On the globules in blood and the lees in wine. Posthumous letter of Mr. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, during his life a most worthy member of the Royal Society in London to James Jurin, R.S. Secr.”

See for Johannes Hoogvliet (1690-1746), Letter L-576 of 13 June 1722.