Other families that members of the De Molijn family married into

Haaxman family

Earlier spellings: Haacksman, Haacxman, Haaghsman, Haagsman, Haakman, Haasman, Hacxman, Haxman, Haechman, Haecksman, Haeckxman, Haecman, Haecxman, Haeksman, Haexman

Jan Cornelis Haaxman, a serge worker (saaiwerker), married Trijntgen Claes on April 27, 1625.

Their son Cornelis Jans was baptized on September 10, 1628 (DTB inv. 55 fol. 61). On April 4, 1665, living in Ketel, he married Annetgen Louwen van Ouwelande, living on Gasthuislaan (DTB inv. 130 fol. 8; inv. 23 fol. 8v). In a will they made on May 8, 1666, Cornelis was noted as a baker on the Geer. He was described as robust and healthy (cloek en gezond) and she as sickly and lying in bed (siekelijck van lichaam te bedde leggende). She soon died.

Cornelis Jans lived to almost 90 and had three more wives. The second was Grietje Philips Schravelaer, whom he married on 1667-01-30. He was noted as a widowed bread baker living on the Geer. She was the daughter of the baker for the Kamer van Charitaten from 1645 to 1667, succeeded by his new son-in-law Cornelis Jans. Cornelis moved into the home where Grietje grew up on the Schoolsteeg. Their daughter, Hillegont Haecxman, was baptized on 1668-11-13 (DTB inv. 11 fol. 41v). Their other daughter, Maria Haxman, was baptized on 1670-04-27 (DTB inv. 58 fol. 126v) but must have died young.

The third was Leeuwenhoek's niece. On 1674-03-28 Cornelis Haecxman, widowed, living on Oude Delft, Schoolstraat married Maria Molijn, living on Choorstraat (DTB inv. 74 fol. 5v; 131 fol. 94v). Their son Jan Haacksman was baptized on 1678-04-24 (DTB inv. 11 fol. 138v), and Maria died two weeks later.

Cornelis married for the fourth and final time on 1680-02-03. Noted as a widowed baker living on Schoolstraat, Cornelis Haecxman married Margreta Heringh, living on Voorstraat (DTB inv. 75 fol. 75).  They had seven children. Loos-Haaxman's geneology has five of them, missing the first two sons named Hendericus, who must have died before the third was born in 1689.

  • son Hendericus Haasman baptized 1680-12-07 (DTB inv. 11 fol. 165v)
  • daughter Jannetje baptized 1681-10-21 (DTB inv. 11 fol. 174)
  • son Hendericus Haacxman baptized 1683-08-24 (DTB inv. 11 fol. 195v)
  • son Jacobus Haaxman baptized 1684-11-26 (DTB inv. 11 fol. 207v) - 1716-09-21
  • daughter Maria Haaghsman baptized 1686-06-11 (DTB inv. 12 fol. 20v)
  • daughter Elijsabet Haaxman baptized 1688-04-27 (DTB inv. 59 fol. 80)
  • son Henrikus Haakman baptized 1689-06-28 (DTB inv. 12 fol. 68v)

Margreta died 1714-08-05. Cornelis died on 1717-01-09, age 89. He was survived by six children: Hillegond, 49, Jan, 39, Jennetje, 36, and Jacobus, 33, were all married. Maria, 31, and Henrikus, 28, were unmarried. His will of 1714-10-23 and estate inventory of 1717-01-12 (both by notary Jan de Bries) show that he died a wealthy man.

Cornelis's children

Hillegont Haaxman married Jan Beman, brother of bookdealer and Leeuwenhoek's printer Adriaan Beman on 1687-08-24. When they married, Jan, living on the side of the Oude Kerk, was a clerk at the Bank van Leening who rose in the last few years of his life to be the cashier (kassier). Their son Jan Jans Beman was baptized 1702-04-20 (DTB inv. 59 fol. 215) and their daughter Hillegont Jans Beman on 1706-10-05 (DTB inv. 13 fol. 34v). The father Jan died in July 1724. Loos-Haaxman's article gives some details of their wills to point out that Cornelis Jans the charity baker was more prosperous than this bank clerk. When Hillegont Haaxman was buried on July 23, 1735, she was living on Oude Delft by the Boterbrug (DTB inv. 49 fol. 10v). The Weeskamer archive has a detailed chronology of the activities involving Bemans estate from October 1724 to July 1743 (WKD inv. 477 fol. 22, 22v, 23v, 94v, 124v)

Jan Haaxman, Hillegont Haaxman's half-brother, was one of the beneficiaries of Leeuwenhoek's estate. See Related people under Learn more below.

Jannetje Haaxman married Jacobus van der Linden and moved to Vlaardingen. Van der Linden was the bookkeeper for the herring ship De Drie Gebroeders that her father Cornelis owned an eighth of.

Jacobus Haaxman married Aletta Gevers in 1708 and died in 1716. They had three children. Cornelis was born in 1709 and died unmarried. Margrieta was born in 1714 and died as a child. Between them, Geertruij was baptized on Mach 3, 1711. She married Jan van Koetsveld.

Maria Haaxman married Joris Reijnderman, a baker, in 1717. Their daughter Clara, born in 1740, inherited some silver spoons and forks that may have belonged to her grandfather Cornelis Jans.

Henrikus Haaxman died unmarried and was buried on 1738-10-30.