Property in Delft owned by members
of Leeuwenhoek's extended family

the Hogenhouck family

Bagijnhof 31

Maarten Pieters Hogenhouck (1651-1720) bought it from Cornelis van der Dussen, oldest son of Michiel Cornelis (1600-1681) (portrait by van Vliet) of the Catholic van Dussens. Michiel owned over a dozen properties in this part of town, including what was or became a “hidden” RC church on Bagijnhof. No sale letter for George D'Acquet, husband of Anna Hogenhoek (Pieter Abrahams' daughter) and Maarten's cousin.

Beestenmarkt 26

Abraham Maertens Hogenhouck (1580-1641) and Thonis Jans van Neck, tobacco merchant, paid the 1632 - 1654 Verponding 328r3

Boterbrug 4

Maerten Abrahams Hogenhoeck (1617-1673) and Abraham Hogenhouck, not sure which Abraham (father or son of Maarten), paid the 1632-1654 verponding 490r4. He bequeathed it to his son Arent Maertens Hogenhouck (1654-1719) scheiding odh 1674 04/11. (Arent died out of the house on the Koornmarkt.)

Brabantse Turfmarkt

Abraham Maertens Hogenhouck (1649-1708). This property looks like a storage area at the end of the alley running along the south side of Brabantse Turfmarkt 43.

Brabantse Turfmarkt 43

Abraham Maertens Hogenhouck (1580-1641) and his son Maerten Abrahams Hogenhouck (1617-1673) paid the 1632-1654 verponding 338r2. The property has the same buy and sales letter as D0601 now Koornmarkt 20; noted in the margin: “hoort aan de brouwerije de Eenhoorn” - belonging to the brewery the Eenhoorn, which must have been D601. The backs of the two properties are very close to each other.

Brabantse Turfmarkt 76-78

Jan Jacobs in ’t Ossenhooft (Hogenhouck) owned it from 1563 until his death. His widow Annitgen Jans (-1601) owned it for a few years until she died and her heirs sold it for 5,400 gl to Abraham van Goorle. Jan Jacobs paid the 100e penning 1578 and the Haardstedengeld 1600. See Achter de Gevels.

Buitenwatersloot 236, 238, 240, 242, 244, 246, 248, 250

Pieter Jans Hogenhouck (-1629). In the 1600's, this property was detached from the far end of development along the Buitenwatersloot. It has a narrow strip running along the sloot – a garden? Something to do with the boats, for which this would have been the very outskirts of Delft?

Burgwal 18 A

Jacob Cornelis Hogenhouck (-1665) got it in a scheiding Abraham van den Velde notary 1667 12/10. He is listed after and before members of the Berestijn family, and the scheiding is two years after his death.

Doelenstraat 19-27, 33-43

Pieter Abrahams Hogenhouck (-1679) got it from Stolburger by “executie” - foreclosure?


Maerten Abrahams Hogenhouck (1617-1673) gave it to his son Abraham Maertens (1649-1708) 1675 04/11.