Chronology of events: Antony

For some events, the year is certain but the month and day are not. Example: We know only the year for the collections of Leeuwenhoek's letters published in Dutch during his lifetime.

For other events, the season or month are certain but the day is not. Example: Leeuwenhoek mentions that someone visited him "last month".

On the other hand, many events did indeed happen on the first day of a month. Example: public appointments to Delft's city offices took effect on January 1 of each year. Thus:

  • A date of January 1 in a given year may indicate that the year is certain but the month and day are not.
  • A date of 1 in a given month may indicate that the year and month are certain but the day is not.

Unless otherwise indicated, for events in England, the date given is Old Style, 10 days behind the Dutch Republic's New Style until 1700 and then 11 days behind.

October 24, 1632 Born on Oosteinde
November 4, 1632 Baptized in Nieuwe Kerk
January 8, 1638 father Philips Thonis Leeuwenhoek buried in Nieuwe Kerk
December 1, 1640 mother Margriete Jacobs van den Berch married Jacob Jans de Molijn
January 1, 1641 Began attending school in Warmond
January 1, 1646 Apprenticed with his uncle in Benthuizen
January 1, 1648 Apprenticed at 16 in Amsterdam to Scottish linen merchant William Davidson
May 5, 1653 Got power of attorney for William Davidson during first Anglo-Dutch war (1652-54)
July 29, 1654 Married Barbara de Meij
January 1, 1655 Paid his entry fee to the Sint Nicolaas Gilde
February 16, 1655 Bought the house and shop on the west side of the Hippolytusbuurt
May 11, 1655 Inherited property on Oosteinde from first wife Barbara de Meij's family
September 24, 1656 daughter Maria Thonis Leeuwenhoek (1656-1745) baptized
September 1, 1658 Registered as a member of the Hervormde Gemeente Delft (Reformed Church in Delft)
December 19, 1659 Issued receipts to two nephews for dry goods
March 26, 1660 Appointed official of city magistrate's court
September 14, 1660 Compensated by city for expenses building a loading dock in front of his house
December 30, 1661 Received a raise from the mayors for his duties with the magistrates' court
January 13, 1662 aunt Annetje Jacobs van den Berch died, leaving money to Antony
October 23, 1662 Made will in which he and wife Barbara named each other universal heirs
June 25, 1664 Bought a garden outside the walls of the city
September 29, 1664 Owed for store goods by the estate of Elizabeth Cornelis
November 25, 1664 Received a legacy from the estate of great-aunt Aaltge Sebastiaans van den Berch
July 31, 1665 Appointed guardian of second cousin Maria van Halmael
July 14, 1666 wife Barbara de Meij buried in Oude Kerk
October 10, 1666 Appointed district supervisor (wijkmeester generaal)
March 11, 1667 Presented will after wife Barbara's death
May 18, 1667 Appointed curator of estate of Simon de Bourbon
January 1, 1668 Traveled to England
November 14, 1668 Delivered to the Weescamer his first accounting as curator over the person and assets of Sijmon Bourbon
February 4, 1669 Certified as a surveyor after passing the oral examination
August 30, 1670 Signed a will as clerk and witness for notary Joris van der Houve
September 2, 1670 Appointed co-wine gauger to help Dirk Arisz.
November 28, 1670 Delivered to the Weescamer his second accounting as curator over the person and assets of Sijmon Bourbon
December 2, 1670 Signed a will as clerk and witness for notary Paul Durven
January 8, 1671 Testified to marriage conditions with Cornelia Swalmius
January 25, 1671 Married Cornelia Johannes Swalmius
May 19, 1673 At age 40, first letter published in Philosophical Transactions
October 24, 1673 Leeuwenhoek's family members in 1673
January 1, 1674 Paid the Familiegeld (estate tax)
August 1, 1674 First observed little animals in water
August 15, 1674 Visited by Johannes Swammerdam
December 31, 1674 sister-in-law Catharina Swalmius buried
September 15, 1675 First observed little animals in rain water
July 1, 1676 Visited by Christiaan Huygens during the summer; he saw the little animals in Leeuwenhoek's infusions
September 30, 1676 Appointed curator of estate of Catherine Bolnes, Vermeer's widow
August 15, 1679 Appointed city inspector of imported and exported liquids / wine gauger
August 25, 1679 Called "an unlearned, but ingenious man" by Peter Pels
September 17, 1679 Paid tax on his personal stock of wine
February 8, 1680 Elected a member by the Royal Society
January 1, 1681 Sat for Cornelis de Man's Anatomy Lesson of Dr. 's Gravezande
January 1, 1684 Published Eyerstok (Ovary), Letters 37, 39 (L-122, L-135)
January 1, 1684 Published Humor Cristallinus (Crystalline Humor), Letter 41 (L-147)
January 1, 1684 Published Onsigtbare Geschapene Waarheden (Invisible Creation Truths), Letters 32, 33, 39 (L-108, L-111, L-135)
January 1, 1684 Published Schobbens in de Mond (Scales in the Mouth), Letter 40 (L-144)
June 15, 1684 Visited Christiaan Huygens in Den Haag with the Durven brothers
January 1, 1685 Published Anatomia et Contemplatio (Anatomy and Contemplation), Letters 43, 42, 38 (L-128, L-150, L-152)
January 1, 1685 Published Onsigtbare Verborgentheden (Invisible Mysteries), Letters 38, 42, 43 (L-152, L-150, L-128)
January 1, 1685 Published Sout-figuren (Salt figures), Letters 44, 45 (L-154, L-157)
January 1, 1685 Published Zaden van Boomen (Seeds of Trees), Letters 46, 47 (L-160, L-166)
February 5, 1685 Visited by Thomas Molyneux on behalf of the Royal Society
February 23, 1685 At age 52, his 25th article in Philosophical Transactions
June 22, 1685 Visited by John Locke
August 27, 1685 editor Edmond Halley did not publish any letters by Leeuwenhoek in Philosophical Transactions from 1685 to 1693
December 1, 1685 Visited by De Saingermain, who later called Leeuwenhoek a "Magus"
January 1, 1686 Published Cinnaber Naturalis (Natural Cinnabar), Letters 48 - 52
January 1, 1686 Published Levende Dierkens (Living Animals), Letters 28 - 31, 34 - 36
January 1, 1686 Sat for his oil portrait by artist Johannes Verkolje (1650-1693)
March 12, 1686 Thomas Gale wrote Letter L-169 to Leeuwenhoek reviewing his recent "ingenious and curious communications"
May 25, 1686 Edmond Halley wrote Letter L-176 to Leeuwenhoek about a gift from the Royal Society and requesting some portraits