Letter Book Original

Royal Society
1662 - 1740

31 volumes

from the Royal Society website:

Contains copies of letters received by the Society, the originals of which are in the Early Letters collection. The Letter Books were copied (as were the Journal and Register Books) for security reasons. The numbering of the volumes and their chronological range is slightly eccentric.

Volumes numbered 1-18 are letters of 1662-1727; within this group, Volume 11 has been extended into two volumes. Volume 17 was created in order to leave a gap in the series for retrospective copying of original papers. The succeeding Volumes 19-26 overlap in time, giving correspondence for the years 1720-1740. There are also five supplementary volumes providing fair copies of letters omitted from the main run; these are labelled A-B, B-C, D-G, G-H and H-S, the letters being arranged in order of author.

listing of contents available online