Francis Aston wrote Letter L-125 to Leeuwenhoek about new Royal Society officers

March 27, 1683

No manuscript is known. The letter was never published. The date is New Style, which was ten days ahead of the Old Style date of 17 March used by Aston in London. The copy to be found in London, Royal Society, Letter Book Original 8.144, 2 pp., has no salutation or signature.

In this letter, Royal Society secretary Francis Aston writes to L., mentioning the receipt of his letter and the choice of new Royal Society officers. He promises to send future numbers of Philosophical Transactions.

Aston’s previous letter to Leeuwenhoek is Letter L-123 of 26 February 1683. He ends it by requesting that Leeuwenhoek investigate “the appearances of several colours”. Leeuwenhoek did so in his reply, Letter L-124 of 9 March 1683.

Leeuwenhoek did not reply to the present letter acknowledging Letter L-124 of 9 March 1683. Aston’s next letter to L. is Letter L-130 of 27 August 1683, known only by reference in Letter L-134 of 16 September 1683 to Anthonie Heinsius and in LLeeuwenhoek’s reply to Aston’s letter, Letter L-135 of 17 September 1683.


Letter Book Original volume 8 pp. 304-305

Mr. Aston to Mr. Leewenhoeck
mentioning the receipt of his
Letter & the choice of Officers

I am to acknowledg the receipt of your last letter dated March 9th and am very glad of your Perseverance in making useful Observations about natural things, as Generation Colours etc which our Society will be very glad to partake of, as soon as you think fit to let them come forth of your hands. I have herewith sent you the Transactions from No. 137 to 142. And a Catalogue of this Society as it was printed the last November. But the President Councell and Secretary’s being then new chosen, I must inform you that Sr. John Hoskins is President in the place of Sr. Christ: Wren, and Secretary in the place of Mr. Hook.

The Transactions will be printed this year monthly beginning after n. 142, which I will take care to send you, when there are one or 2 more come out, in which will be some of your own Observations. I wish you all success in your Enquiries etc. Gresham College London March 17 SV 1682/3