Richard Waller wrote Letter L-508 to Leeuwenhoek about the receipt of his latest letter and the Royal Society's annual recess

August 30, 1714

In this unpublished letter, Waller acknowledges the receipt of L.’s latest letter and thanks L. for his observations on the texture of muscles. He regrets that official thanks will have to wait until October because of the Royal Society’s annual recess.

The date is New Style, which was eleven days ahead of the Old Style date of 19 August 1714 used by Waller in London.

This is the last letter to L. from Waller, who died the following winter.


Letter Book Original vol 15? p. 109

The manuscript is to be found in London, Royal Society, Early Letters W3.92; 1 page. Copied and pasted from Collected Letters, vol. 20, "this volume" in the footnotes. The spelling and punctuation have been modernized.

A Letter sent August the 19.1714
to Mr Ant. van Leewenhoek by
R. Waller secr R.S.

Worthy Sir[1],

            Your last[2] with your further observations on the texture of the muscles I received two days since but it being the time of the annual recess of the Royal Society till the 21st of Octb next I cannot return the thanks of the Society for your communications. I shall take care to have them read at their first weekly meeting[3]. But in the mean time thought the proper to advise you of the receipt therof who am sir etc[4]

            Lond. August 19.1714


[1] Waller’s previous letter to L. is Letter L-506 of 27 July 1714, in this volume.

[2] Letter 307 [XI] L-507 of 21 August 1714, Collected Letters, vol. 17. L.’s N.S. date was 10 August in London. If Waller received it on 17 August, the letter went from Delft to London in less than a week.

[3] The letter was read at the 23 December 1714 meeting of the Royal Society. Journal Book Original vol. 12, pp. 20 and 35.

[4] This is Waller’s last known letter to L.