Wrote Letter L-521 of 1715-09-28 to Gottfried Leibniz about scholars who do not agree with Leeuwenhoek; sperm the same size in different animals; the pulse; posthumous letters; muscle fibers, tendons, and nerves; Hartsoeker; why he won't train students

September 28, 1715
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A list of scholars who do or do not agree with L.'s theory of reproduction by means of spermatozoa. Spermatozoa of different kinds of fish have the same size. discussion of the pulse. New letters will be printed after L.'s death. L. refuses to meet with Leibniz's request to start a school for glass grinders. Summary of a letter to the Royal Society on muscle fibres and tendons. From now on L. refuses to read texts written by Hartsoeker. L. acknowledges once more his inability to observe cavities in nerves.