Epistolae Physiologicae

Leeuwenhoek, A. van

Full title:

Epistolae Physiologicae Super compluribus Naturae Arcanis [etc.] : hactenus numquam editae.

Physiological Letters about a number of the secrets of nature [etc.]: up to now never published.

Dobell #28, containing 46 letters: AvL # I-XVI

Adriaan Beman published this Latin translation of Dobell #19 Send-Brieven in Delft.

The letters are all numbered and paged continuously. The front matter is the same as Send-Brieven.

Engraved title, with portrait inset (same as No. 19, but with Latin lettering at foot, and dated 1719).

Pagination: pp. xx (title, dedication, & summary) + 446 + xxvi (index & errata).


Hugo van Rijn translated Leeuwenhoek's later Dutch letters into Latin, as he reported in his 1725 book Oudheden en Gestichten.