Maarten Pieters Hogenhouck

Neeltje's nephew Abraham's grandson
Death or Burial date: 
December 30, 1720

When he married, he lived on Koornmarkt, she on Oude Delft. He bought C0037 now Oude Delft 161 just south of Bagijnhof from Cornelis van der Dussen and lived there after 1663.

In an attestatie of April 28, 1718 (notary Van Leeuwen, inv. 2564D, fol. 165), for which he was a requirant (claimant or plaintiff), he is described as Hoogbaljuw van Delftland, which supervised the region's water management. He was the only one of Leeuwenhoek's relatives who was a governor of the VOC -- from 1699 until his death in 1720.