Lent 400 guilders to Leendert van Bijstervelt

November 3, 1694

Leendert van Bijstervelt, a master platemaker and shopkeeper, bought the house at what is now 93-97 Brabantste Turfmarkt but was then considered part of Jacob Gerritsstraat. He bought it from Jacob de Lange, another platemaker. This contract has been preserved and has the archive number of 10134, dated November 3, 1694.

To make his mortgage of 1,000 guilders, van Bijstervelt borrowed 400 from Leeuwenhoek and 600 from Johannes Blaucamer. This contract has the archive number of 10135, with the same date. Van Bijstervelt promised to repay them, plus 4 percent interest, by the following November 1. We have no record of whether he did so.

After Leendert's death in 1707, the property went to his son Johannes, who kept it for another twenty years.

This was the kind of civil contract that did not involve a notary. The buyer and seller appeared at city hall and brought their agreement to two magistrates (schepenen) who signed off on it. In this case, they brought both agreements, known as charters, to the magistrates Antonij Weeveringh and Jacob van der Dussen. However, the

Fifteen years earlier, Leeuwenhoek and Blaucamer had been involved in another real estate transaction.


LAD 598 inv. 519 Akte van transport door Adriana Apollonia van Staveren, weduwe van Cornelis Verbrugge, aan Arnoldus Schoncken van een huis en erf aan de westzijde van de Jacob Gerritsstraat genaamd De Spiegel, 1793; met retroacta vanaf 1559.

This concerns two houses: the Grote (Gecroonde) Spiegel and the Kleine Spiegel.

Charters number 10134 and 10135, both dated 1694-11-03

Adriaen Leeuwenhoeck, notary ONA inv. 2429, fol. 447 sale of the house 1694-08-22