Edmond Halley wrote Letter L-183 to Leeuwenhoek on behalf of the Royal Society, now lost

December 1, 1686

This letter is known only by reference in another letter. It was written sometime in late 1686 on behalf of the Royal Society. The writer was probably the Society’s paid clerk Edmond Halley

Eight times, Leeuwenhoek received a letter from the Royal Society, though they were written by individual officers, two in 1686 from Edmond Halley, including the present letter, five from Hans Sloane between 1696 and 1708, and one from Richard Waller in 1714.


Letter L-186 of 4 April 1687 to the Royal Society

I have duly received Your Honours’ most obliging and agreeable letter of the 14th of February 1686/7 ... All I would say in reply is that I was in no way displeased; and that what kept me from sending any observations, was because I had not received a reply, and now it appears from your missive that one letter is missing.