Petrus Gribius

Other name: 
minister late in his life
Birth or Baptism date: 
October 25, 1651
Death or Burial date: 
November 4, 1739
Burial DTB: 
inv. 49 , folio 73v

His father was Petrus Gribius, pastor of the English church in Middleburg from 1642 to 1652. After that, until his death, he was pastor of the high German (Hoogduitsche) church in Amsterdam.

Son Petrus was born in Middleburg, but grew up in Amsterdam. He began learning the three classical languages at a Latin school in Amsterdam and in Appingedam, along with philosophy and mathematics. He also studied with Hubertus Leydekker, at the time pastor in Noordgouwe.

In 1671, he went to Utrecht but had to leave when the French army invaded during the Disaster Year of 1672. He was in Leiden for three years beginning in 1673 studying with, among others, Fredericus Spanhemius. He became a proponent (bachelor's degree in divinity) on March 10, 1676. Before he began working as a pastor, he took a trip with Jacobus Trigland to Oxford and Cambridge in England.

Gribius became pastor in Middelie (Midley) on August 1, 1677, Grootebroek on April 16, 1679, and Harderwijk on April 4, 1680. He became pastor in Delft on October 19, 1681, and preached there for 53 years until he was given emeritus status in September 1734. In 1684, he married Debora van der Heul, of a regent family. They had one daughter, Maria, who married Abraham van Bleiswijck one year before Leeuwenhoek addressed three letters to him that were published in Send-Brieven.

Gribius published some of his sermons in 1731 under the title Twee Redenvoeringen over Job XIV v. 1. 2, uytgesproken op syne vyftigjaarigen Delfsen Predikant en tagtigjarigen ouderdom 21 and 23 October 1731.

Other sermons were published posthumously in 1740 as Verscheyde redevoeringen op bijzondere lijden en omstandigheden (Various addresses on special sufferings and conditions). This publication, published by W. Velse, included a eulogy, some poems, and Gribius' portrait below.

The portrait above was painted by Thomas van der Wilt, engraved by J.C. Philips, and published by Reinier Boitet in 1725, when he was 74.

Gribius died on October 30, 1739, and was buried a few days later in the Oude Kerk, Delft.