James Jurin wrote to Peter Gribius in thanks for the cabinet full of "precious treasures"

December 17, 1723

Jurin thanked Gribius for the safe delivery of Leeuwenhoek's instruments to the Royal Society via Abraham Edens and Arnoud van den Berch.


Wellcome MS. 6146; original in Latin

To that most Reverent and Learned Man
Peter Gribius
the most Vigilant Pastor of the Church at Delft
Heartiest greetings from
James Jurin
Secr. R. S. Lond.

We trust our former letter, written almost at the same time as your last one reached you safely. Meanwhile we have examined carefully and with much pleasure Leeuwenhoek's casket, small in size, but crammed full with the most precious treasures, in the judgement of the Royal Society. That excellent man Abraham Edens had brought it, as it was entrusted to him by his cousin Master Arnolphus van den Berch, and he presented this splendid gift in a meeting of the Royal Society, and received in person the thanks of the society for his services in preserving it, of which he gave us a full account. But to you, Distinguished Sir, the Society unanimously resolved that I should convey to you (in its name) its most special thanks. I gladly both transmit to you and at the same time pray that the Almighty and Gracious God will very long preserve you for his church and for the world oflearning. Farewell.

Given at London 17 December 1723