Constantijn Huygens wrote to Oldenburg that Leeuwenhoek gave him an issue of Philosophical Transactions

May 1, 1676

In this letter, Huygens tells Oldenburg that Leeuwenhoek has given him copies of Philosophical Transactions that he required. He also discusses the herb 'Moxa' as a treatment for gout and that his son Christiaan is recovering from his illness.


Transcribed and translated in 'The correspondence of Henry Oldenburg', ed and trans by A Rupert Hall and Marie Boas Hall, vol 12, p 255. This letter is found in the Royal Society's archive, Early Letters H3.32.

Mr. Leeuwenhoek has fixed me up with a copy of no. 119 so that my volume 9 is complete up to no. 121 inclusive and it only remains for me to wait for what you will produce from time to time.