Anna Abrahams Hogenhouck

great-grandmother Neeltje's nephew Abraham's daughter
Birth or Baptism date: 
October 14, 1622
Death or Burial date: 
September 9, 1678

Anna's first husband and father of all of her children, was the portrait painter Jacob Willemsz Delff II aka "the younger". His grandfather (1550 Gouda - 1601 Delft) of the same name was also an artist, as was the next generation, born and living in Delft: Rochus (1567 - 1617), Cornelis (1571 - 1643),  and Willem (1580 - 1638). Willem, father of Anna's husband, married Geertruid van Miereveld, a daughter of Delft portrait painter Michiel Jans van Miereveld, in 1618.

Anna's husband Jacob II painted group portraits of the Delft civic guard in 1648 when Leeuwenhoek was beginning his apprenticeship in Amsterdam.

When Anna married for the second time, she lived on Koornmarkt. Dirk Bruijnsz van der Dussen, a member of the Veertig since 1649, lived on Oude Delft. This was his 3rd marriage. He was mayor the year they married and was mayor again five years later when he died in 1668, a year before Leeuwenhoek was appointed an official of the magistrate's court. Anna lived another ten years.