68x silver

Magnification 68x
| Aperture in plates ??
Body plates 34 mm x 17 mm
| Pitch of main positioning screw 0.60

This microscope came to light during the 1982-83 exhibition by a visitor who happened to own one but had not realized its significance. It is now displayed in the Boerhaave Museum. Thus, it is included neither in van Zuylen's 1981 analysis of the lenses nor in Bracegirdle's photography. However, van Zuylen subjected it to the same analysis, and the results were reported and discussed by Fournier in 2002.

She noted the second hole next to the hole where the braking screw and nut are holding the L-braket to the body plates. Because it is the same size and is also threaded, she speculates that it could be for a second L-bracket or perhaps be attached to an eelviewer. Since this microscope has only one lens, it it also possible that the empty hole was drilled and tapped first, perhaps by mistake. Rather that start over with fresh plates, Leeuwenhoek just drilled another hole. In any case, he did not see fit to file the edges of empty hole.