Wrote Letter L-576 of 1722-06-13 to the members of the Royal Society about the reproductive organs of a ewe and a fetus from it

June 13, 1722
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Collected Letters volume: 

The letter was read during the 8 November 1722 O.S. meeting of the Royal Society; Royal Society, Journal Book Original, vol. 13; Letter Book Original 15.76. The final part of the letter, after “I did these observations in the month of September 1718” was omitted when it was published in Philosophical Transactions.

This letter is written in the same hand as Letter L-568 of 24 January 1721. The spelling and punctuation of both letters have the same characteristics. There are no periods at the end of sentences and no capital letters at the beginning. For the sake of readability, the translated text in Collected Letters is divided into full sentences, the punctuation is modernized, and the paragraphing follows the text as printed in Philosophical Transactions.

For the translator, Conrad Joachim Sprengell (d. 1740), see Letter L-565 of 9 January 1720.