Wrote Letter L-479 of 1711-08-15 to Anthonie Heinsius as a cover letter for Philosophical Transactions, vol. 26, no. 319, with Leeuwenhoek's article on the pulse and copies of notes on gold from Guinea and hailstones

August 15, 1711
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The original manuscript on one quarto page, written and signed by Leeuwenhoek, is preserved in The Hague at the Nationaal Archief, inv. nr. 1613.

This letter accompanied:

  • an issue of the Philosophical Transactions that had a letter by Leeuwenhoek on the pulse
  • copies of notes on gold from Guinea (Letter L-477) and on hailstones (lost). There is no known letter in which Leeuwenhoek discusses hailstones.