The Royal Society read Leeuwenhoek's Letter L-054 of 23 March 1677 and assigned Grew to replicate his results

April 15, 1677

At their regular meeting on 5 April 1677 O.S. (15 April N.S. in Delft), the Royal Society read Leeuwenhoek's letter of 23 March. Nehemiah Grew was assigned to replicate Leeuwenhoek's results from the October 9 letter. Note: Because England had not yet adopted the Gregorian calendar, this letter was read 16 days after it was sent from Delft, not 6 days.


Birch's History, vol. III, p. 338:

A letter of Mr. LEEWENHOECK to Mr. OLDENBURG, dated at Delft, 23d March 1677 was read, giving some account of his observing live animals in water.

It was ordered, that Dr. GREW should be desired to try what he could observe in the like waters; and that for this purpose an extract should be given him by Mr. OLDENBURG of Mr. LEEWENHOECK'S observations formerly read to the Society.