Constantijn Huygens wrote Letter L-007 to Leeuwenhoek about sending his observations to son Christiaan in Paris

April 11, 1674

This letter is known only by reference in Leeuwenhoek’s reply.

In this letter, Constantijn Huygens responds to L.’s letter of 5 April 1674. Huygens also tells L. that he will forward that letter to his son Christiaan and that he would like to receive more letters from Leeuwenhoek.

Huygens’s previous letter to L. is Letter L-004 of February 1674, in this volume. L. responded with Letter 4 L-005 of 5 April 1674, Collected Letters, vol. 1, about his discovery of globules in milk and in blood and his theory about the structure and growth of hair and tumours.

Huygens replied with the present letter, to which L. responded with Letter 7 L-009 of 24 April 1674, ibidem, about bones, teeth, salt crystals, and the composition and colour of blood.

Huygens’s next letter to L. is Letter L-044 of 31 October 1676, in this volume.


Letter L-009 of 24 April 1674 to Constantijn Huygens

I received your kind letter of the 11th inst. in good order, and saw from it that my communications of the 5th were welcome to you. Also that you intended to send my observations to your son in France and wish to receive them personally.