Jan Meerman

Death or Burial date: 
April 3, 1724

For five generations before Jan Meerman, his ancestors, both his father's and mother's, had been involved in Delft's governance. His wife also came from a family that had been involved in the goverment of the city for centuries.

His great- great grandfather Gerrit Frans Meerman was schout (sheriff) from 1584 until he died in April 1609, a record exceeded only by her grandfather Fran├žois Willems van Santen, who was schout from 1630 until he died on December 20, 1675.

Meerman grew up on the Oude Delft. His wife inherited the house she grew up in on the Nieuwe Delft behind the Oude Kerk, where they lived during their marriage. It was one of the largest private properties in the city.

Meerman joined the Veertigraad in 1678. He was a magistrate from 1687 to 1691 and mayor nine times between 1694 and 1714. He became a Bewindhebber of the VOC in 1704.

Leeuwenhoek addressed two of the Send-Brieven to him in the spring of 1713.