Visited Pieter Rabus in Rotterdam

June 4, 1694

In the summer of 1694, Leeuwenhoek visited Pieter Rabus at his home in Rotterdam. He may have visited his neice Rijke at the same time.

Rabus wrote in the next issue of Boekzaal that Leeuwenhoek showed him the lens of a dragonfly's eye through his magnifying glass. This is one of the few documents supporting Leeuwenhoek's use of his magnifying glasses outside of his house.


Boekzaal van Europe, Mei en Juny 1694

Although I am always accustomed to write the titles of the books as they read, I have not been able to do that now in the work of Mr. Leeuwenhoek, since the title page had not yet been printed when I made the extract. This is also the reason that I kept silent about the post-message (Postscriptum) behind his last letter. In the same report, he discovered a little more about the mussel strings.

In the meantime I have had honor that he, entertaining me on the 4th of June with his visit, showed the wonderful spectacle of the cornea from the eye of a dragonfly through his magnifying glass in my room, and still convinced of that truth described by him.