Pieter Rabus wrote Letter L-250 to Leeuwenhoek, a "pleasant" letter now lost

May 1, 1695

The manuscript is lost and the subject and exact date are unknown.

The only letter prior to 1695 in which L. discusses the ray fish is Letter L-116 of 3 March 1682 to Robert Hooke. The only prior known letter from Rotterdam notary, scholar, and editor Rabus, Letter L-226 of 18 August 1693, does not mention the ray.


Letter 145 L-254 of 21 May 1695 to Pieter Rabus

Your very pleasant letter as well as the ... has reached me in due time […]

I have been thinking from time to time about your conception, intimated to me in one of your previous letters, as to the shape of the fish we call ray.