Owed for store goods by the estate of Elizabeth Cornelis

September 29, 1664

In the inventory of the estate and goods of Elizabeth Cornelis, Leeuwenhoek is listed as being owed 6 gulden 2 stuivers 8 pennies for store goods (winkel goederen). Even though we don't know the date the goods were purchased on credit, the inventory date of 1664 indicates that Leeuwenhoek probably continued running his store after he took on the tasks -- and salary -- of camerbewaarder in 1660.


Notary Johannes Ranck

ONA inv. 2119C, Folio 172

detail from page 176v of inventory of estate of Elizabeth Cornelis

(crediteur) Anthonij Leeuwenhouck per resto van winkelgoederen de somme van f 6:2:8