James Jurin wrote Letter L-597 to Arnoud van den Berch about the cabinet of microscopes

November 29, 1723
Collected Letters volume: 

The date is New Style, which was eleven days ahead of the Old Style date of 18 November 1723 used by Jurin in London.

Arnout van den Bergh 1669 - 1733-08-04 was from a wealthy regent family in Rotterdam. He served on the vroedschap of Rotterdam from 1711 until 1733.

Parents: Isaack van den Bergh and Helena Leers

Siblings: Anna, Johanna, Helena, and Klara

Wife: Margareta van Eijk

No children

Vroedschap van Rotterdam van 1711 tot 1733,
Luitenant der Schutterij van 1698 tot 1706,
Kapitein der Schutterij van 1707 tot 1719
Kolonel der Schutterij van 1720 tot 1730,
Vredemaker 50 in 1704,
Schepen van de stad Rotterdam in 1707,
Weesmeester 1711-1712, 1715-1717, 1725 en 1729,
Gedeputeerde der dagvaart 1712,
Commissaris der Wisselbank 1713- 1714,
Boonheer 51 1715-1716, 1719, 1726, 1728-1730, 1732,
Commissaris van de wijken 1716-1717,
Commissaris van de Leenbank 1718-1724, 1731-1733.


MS. copy Wellcome MS. 6143

18 November 1723
Crane Court, London

Nov. 18th 1723

Worthy Sir,

The Box of Microscopes bequeathed by the late Excellent Mr Leeuwenhoek to the Royal Society, was safely brought over & deliver'd to them at one of their late meetings by your Cousin Mr Edens. The Society think themselves so much obliged to that Gentleman for the care he took of the safe conveying & delivering it, that he may at all times have access with the utmost freedom to satisfy his Curiosity With the sight of any thing in their possession. They have the same sense of their obligations to you, on account of the trouble you have been pleased to give your self in this affair, for wch I am commanded to return you your particular and hearty thanks. This I do wth the greatest pleasure, & am w'h due respect, sr,

Your most obedient humble Servant
J. Jurin, R.S. Secr