Made mortgage payment (fifth of eight) on the Gulden Hoofd

May 11, 1660

Leeuwenhoek went to the Weeskamer, where he paid 100 guilders interest on this mortgage (half in goods), 260 guilders remaining. He also paid 700 guilders to reduce the capital, which mean that he had paid 3,700 guilders total and had 1,300 guilders still to pay.


WKD inv. 464 fol. 179v Registers van inschrijving van wezen en halfwezen 1646-1660 (my translation)

On the 11th of May 1660, Anthonij van Leeuwenhoek deducted seven hundred guilders from his capital the amount he owed for the rest of the sale price of his house and property ...

Of the hundred guilders that Leeuwenhoeck brought here for interest due in 1660 Grietge Jans got forty-six guilders ten stuivers four penn. of material delivered to her house by Leeuwenhoeck.