Paintings and other representational art

In keeping with the interior decorating style of their time, Leeuwenhoek and his daughter Maria had dozens of paintings on their walls.

In Article 88, The 1745 inventory lists 107 paintings and other representational art in four of the rooms.

33 in the downstairs front room (voorhuijs)
23 in the downstairs back room (agterkamer)
18 in the downstairs hallway (gang)
24 in the upstairs front room (voorkamer)

Five of the paintings were octagonal. Many had frames that were elaborate enough to be worth noting. Seven of them were Delftware with paintings of Leeuwenhoek.

16 portraits with subject named

3 portraits of Uijtenbroek
1 portrait of Cornelia Swalmius, his housewife
1 portrait of Philips van Leeuwenhoek, his father
1 portrait of Maria van Leeuwenhoek
1 portrait of Antonij van Leeuwenhoek

1 portrait of Leeuwenhoek, Delft earthenware (aardewerk), in a frame
6 Delft plates (Delfse borden) with the portrait of A. v. Leeuwenhoek

1 bamboo matting (litrotting) with silver and with the portrait of A. v. Leeuwenhoek inlaid ??
1 bamboo matting with silver inlaid

3 coats of arms

1 coat of arms of van Leeuwenhoek
2 plates painted with a coat of arms (wapenborden)

Note: Among the porcelain dishes and saucers listed in Article 80 on the inventory's pages 22 through 24, not counted here:

6 commemorative plates with Leeuwenhoek's coat of arms
6 commemorative plates with Leeuwenhoek's portrait
6 commemorative plates with Leeuwenhoek's Oude Kerk obelisk
6 saucers with the portrait of Leeuwenhoek
6 saucers with the coat of arms of the same

3 tronies

2 paintings with male tronies (manstronien)
An old tronie

10 paintings with people

2 old heads (koppen)
3 paintings of a group of people (gezelschapjes)
2 paintings with children, etc.
1 painting with a man with horses
A painted wood maid (houte meijde) -- or maid on wood panel ??
A painted wood maid smaller

3 unspecified portraits

2 portraits
A family portrait

24 paintings with non-human subject specified

1 painting with the Delft Fire (Delfse brand)
4 paintings with flowers (blomwerk, blomstuk)
3 paintings with fruit (vrugten), one by  J. van Leeuwen
1 beach (strandje) with fish (vissen)
1 large piece with fish (vissen)
2 octagonal pieces with little fish (visjes)
1 painting with fish (vissen)
A landscape with cows (koeijen)
1 cormorant (koetje)
1 painting with a male goat (bok)
A painting with horses (paarden) etc.
1 piece with game animal (wild)
1 large landscape with a waterfall (waterval)
A painting being a seashore (zeestrandje)
2 ships (scheepjes)
1 painting with a church (kerk)
A sail (zeijl) ??

13 unspecified landscapes

4 large landscapes
6 landscapes
3 landscapes (landschappen) with gilded (vergulde) frames

15 unspecified paintings

5 small paintings    
3 small paintings with gilded frames (vergulde lijsten)
1 large painting
1 painting with 3 pictures or images (beelden)
2 octagonal paintings
1 small painting octagonal
A stone (steene) painting ??
An embroidered painting (geborduurd schilderij) with glass in front of it

20 prints

A map (kaart) in a frame
19 prints in frames (prentjes in lijsten)


In addition, the Leeuwenhoeks owned two dozen pieces of Delftware. The plates with Leeuwenhoek's portrait are included among the portraits above. They also owned almost two dozen other pieces that were not listed among the porcelain in Article 80.

1 Delft plate (Delfse plaat)
6 Delft platters (Delfse schotels) in front of the chimney (schoorsteen)
2 Delft bowls (Delfse kommenen)
2 Delft bowls, with feet (potjes)
1 Delft blue set (Delfs stel) of 4 pieces, damaged
2 Delft blue platters (Delfse schootels), large and small
2 ditto rinsing bowls (spoel kommenen)
1 Delft blue set of 3 pieces
Some Delft earthenware (Delfs aardewerk)