Historia naturalis et medica latorum lumbricorum

Clerc, D. Le
Genevae: Fratres de Tournes

Full title:

Historia naturalis et medica latorum lumbricorum, intra hominem & alia animalia, nascentium, ex variis auctoribus & propriis observationibus : accessit, horum occasione, de ceteris quoque hominum vermibus, tum de omnium origine, tandemque de remediis quibus pelli possint, disquisitio : cum variis figuris.

The history of the natural and medical sciences

Le Clerk (1652-1728) traced medical knowledge from the Greeks up to the time he wrote in the early 18th century. In chapter V, he discussed what Leeuwenhoek wrote about sperm in Letter 22 of November, 1677 to William Brouncker. He also inserted (pp. 64-69) the first half of Letter 78 of January 24, 1694, to members of the Royal Society. Note: Alle de Brieven / Collected Letters, Vol. 9, p. 323 says this is a "Latin translation of the first half of the letter." It is the same translation that Leeuwenhoek published in Arcana Naturae Detecta in 1695, which Le Clerc referenced in the footnote to page 64. Only Letter 22 had a figure, and Le Clerc did not include it.

Toward the end of his very long chapter XIII, Le Clerc returned to Leeuwenhoek. Citing Anatomia Rerum on page 290 and Arcana Naturae Detecta on page 292, he reprinted long passages from Letter 34 of November 4, 1681 and Letter 39 of September 17, 1683 about acne. Alle de Brieven / Collected Letters noted that Le Clerc included the six figures from this letter, but they are not in my scan of Historia naturalis. Letter 34 had 4 figures and Letter 39 had 10.