Genees-kundig Verhaal

Valk, E.
Haarlem: v. der Vinne

Full title:

Genees-kundig Verhaal van de algemeene in zwang gegaan hebbende Loop-ziekte, die te Kampen en in de om-geleegene Streeken heeft gewoed, in 't Jaar 1736

Loop-ziekte is dysentery. By the mid-1700's, medical professionals were beginning to suggest connections between the little animals that Leeuwenhoek discovered and some of the illnesses plague humans.

After discussing Leeuwenhoek's volumes of published letters, Valk quoted, in Dutch, from most of Leeuwenhoek's letters that examined microbes. On page 6, he mentioned but did not quote from these two letters (not noted in Alle de Brieven / Collected Letters):

  • Letter 43 of January 5, 1685 to the Royal Society, 11 figs
  • Letter 59 of Otober 17, 1687 to the Royal Society

Six of these letters were illustrated with a total of 57 figures. None of them was included in Genees-kundig Verhaal.

Letter date AB/CL # AvL # Addressed to ... Genees-kundig Verhaal
1680-05-13 60 31 Thomas Gale pp. 1-3, quotation from the second paragraph
1681-11-04 66 34 Robert Hooke pp. 3-5, quotation from the middle
1683-09-17 76 39 Francis Aston pp. 5-6, quotation from the beginning.
1692-03-07  119 71 Royal Society p. 7, part of the letter
1692-09-16  123  75 Royal Society pp. 7-9, part of the letter
1694-01-24 131  78 Royal Society p. 9, part of the letter
1695-11-09  160 96 Johann Wilhelm von Pfalz-Neuburg pp. 9-13, part of the letter.
1697-09-10 188  110 Royal Society pp. 13-14, the part of the letter about bacteria.
1700-01-02 207  122 Hans Sloane pp. 14-15, the part of the letter about the worms in the excrement of frogs.
1702-02-09 233  144 Hendrik van Bleyswijk pp. 15-22, the part of the letter that describes the little animals in gutter water.