Recueil d'experiences et observations

Vasseur, L. le (ed.)
Paris: Estienne Michallet

Full title

Recueil d'experiences et observations sur le combat qui procede du mélange des corps: sur les saveurs, sur les odeurs, sur le sang, sur le lait, &c: tres-curieux & utile aux medecins & à ceux qui s'appliquent à la recherche de la nature, des qualitez & des proprietez de toutes sortes de corps.

Collection of experiments and observations on the battle that proceeds from the mixture of bodies: on the flavors, the smells,  blood, and milk, &: Very curious & helpful to physicians & to those who apply in search of the nature, qualities & properties of all body shapes.

This volume, published in 1679 and re-printed in 1698 in Paris by Barthelemy Girin, had three sections of excerpts from:

  • Nehemiah Grew's Experiments in Consort of the Luctation arising from the Affusion of several Menstruums upon all sorts of bodies, orignally presented to the Royal Society in April and June of 1676 and printed by John Martyn in 1678.
  • Robert Boyle's Experiments, notes, &c., about the mechanical origine or production of divers particular qualities: among which is inserted a discourse of the imperfection of the chymist's doctrine of qualities: together with some reflections upon the hypothesis of alcali and acidum, printed by E. Flesher for R. Davis in 1675.
  • Leeuwenhoek's Letter 3 of April 7, 1674, Letter 4 of June 1, 1674, Letter 5 of July 6, 1674, Letter 12 of August 14, 1675, and Letter 23 of January 14, 1678.

The excerpts were selected, translated, and edited by Louis Le Vasseur with these chapter titles:

  • Experiences sur le combat, qui procede du mélange des corps (on the conflict the proceeds from the mixing of bodies), by N. Grew
  •  Experiences Curieuses de L'illustre Mr. Boyle, sur les saveurs, sur les odeurs (tastes and odors), by R. Boyle
  • Observations Faites avec le Microscope sur le sang et sur le lait (blood and milk), by A. van Leeuwenhoek

In Leeuwenhoek's case, Vasseur translated Oldenburg's and probably Hooke's translations of Leeuwenhoek's Dutch. Alle de Brieven / Collected Letters notes a translation by M. Mesmin and five figures, but I don't see them.

Leeuwenhoek's chapter was itself excerpted in Journal des Sçavans in 1679.