Wrote Letter L-135 of 1683-09-17 to Francis Aston about saliva, nasal hairs and blackheads, skin, pores, calluses, and cleaning teeth; the discovery of bacteria in tartar

September 17, 1683
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Text of the letter in the original Dutch and in English translation from Alle de Brieven / The Collected Letters at the DBNL - De Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren.

The original manuscript on seventeen quarto pages, written and signed by Leeuwenhoek, is preserved at the Royal Society (MS. 1898. Early Letters L1.69). The ten drawings are lost.

Excerpts from this letter were published in Philosophical Transactions, vol. 14, no. 159, dated 20 May 1684, and, nine years later, vol, 17, no. 197, dated 28 February 1693. See Publication history below.