Published Onsigbare Geschapene Waarheden (Invisible Creation Truths), Letters 32, 39, 33

January 1, 1694

Schierbeek labeled 1a. It was printed by Hendrik Kroonevelt in 1694 (title page on right; click to enlarge). It had the same three letters, still unnumbered. But this one has them in a different order, 32, 39, 33, and was continuously paginated: 3 - 60. One of these is in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in Den Haag.

 Other bundles with the same title page, some not in Dobell, are distinguished by their separate pagination, enabling convenient bundling. We don't know in which order these bundles were published in 1684, though the bundling could have been done at the binders in any subsequent year.