Royal Society discussed Letter L-364 and wanted Leeuwenhoek to try to find worms in other animals

June 2, 1700

At their usual Wednesday meeting, on 22 May 1700 O.S. (2 June 1700 N.S.), the Royal Society read and discussed Leeuwenhoek's Letter L-364 of 2 January 1700 to Hans Sloane about, among other things, the little animals in frog feces. They thought it would make a difference if Leeuwenhoek would try to find worms in other animals and asked Sloane to ask Leeuwenhoek to make these observations and communicate them back to the Society.


Hans Sloane's Secretarial mintue books of Royal Society meetings, May 22, 1700

Dr. Sloan read an acct. from Mr. Lewenhoeck of the production of maggots in sheep's livers, as also of some ccurious observations of the generation of frogs & eels &c. dated Delft Jan. 2. 1700. [...]

Dr. Sloan said that if Mr Lewenhoeck does make strict inquiry into the production of wormes in animalls it would be of great consequence to a further discovery of that cause in humane bodys. And the Society agreed to the proposition & likewise that the Dr. would returne Mr Lewenhok thanks for his kind communication of these observations.