Appointed curator of the abandoned estate of Bartholomeus Ritmeier

April 24, 1674

ORA 171 for 1674 January to 1681 June fol. 8v

Kamerboek 48

Op den 24e dito (= April 1674) is Anthonij Leeuwenhouck gestelt tot curator over den boedel van Bartholomeus Ritmeiere wijncoper, die deselve hadde geabondonnt.
On the 24th ditto (= April 1674) Anthonij Leeuwenhouck was appointed curator over the estate of Bartholomeus Ritmeiere wine dealer, who had abandoned the same.

More details followed on August 16.

Leeuwenhoek was still five years away from being appointed the city's wine gauger (wijnroeier), so there would not have been any conflict of interest in his administration of Ritmeier's estate.