Bartholomeus Ritmeier

Other name: 
client as curator
Death or Burial date: 
December 29, 1677
Burial DTB: 
DTB inv. 43 fol. 117 Nieuwe Kerk

When he married Catharina Cramers, who was from Leiden, Ritmeier was listed as a wine dealer (wijnkoper) living on the Geerweg.

Two years later, when they buried a child, they lived on the Broerhuijslaan.

By 1671, he was a widow living on the Burgwal when he married Alitha Sprinchuijsen, who lived on the Oude Langedijk.

He must have run into trouble with his wine business because in 1674, Leeuwenhoek was appointed curator of his "abandoned" estate.

When Ritmeier died three years later, in 1674, he was living in the Goude A on the Voorstraat.

In 1682, his widow married a soldier named Gerard Nieuwenhuise, Comp. Cap. Laer heer tot Lichtenberch. At the time, she was living on the Oosteinde.

Ritmeier's entry in the Weeskamer books in May 1686 indicates that Nieuwenhuise took responsibility for Ritmeier's three children, Marijtje 14 years old, Alida 10, and Hendrick 9.