Antonio Magliabechi wrote Letter L-280 to again praise Leeuwenhoek

November 5, 1695

This letter is known only by reference in L.’s reply.

This letter is one of the few letters that Magliabechi sent to Leeuwenhoek that did not contain news about recently published books. It is the final letter in a series of four letters sent over a period of three weeks, beginning with Letter L-272 of 12 October 1695. Leeuwenhoek replied to the present letter with Letter L-282 of 22 December 1695. Magliabechi’s previous letter is Letter L-275 of 23 October 1695 a

Papenbroek and Gronovius forwarded letters from Magliabechi to Leeuwenhoek several times. See Letter L-273 of 14 October 1695.


Letter L-282 of 22 December 1695 to Antonio Magliabechi

After this I received from the Rev. Father Daniel Papenbroek your very welcome letter of the 14th of October, and from the hands of the famous Gronovius himself the letter you wrote to me on the 5th of November. Both these letters are filled with so many and such great proofs of esteem that I blush with shame whenever I recall them, because I am aware of the fact that I never deserved such homage, in the sense that my work is not worthy of such great honour as you, very noble and illustrious sir, vouchsafe to it.