Verponding 1620-1632 paid by various family members as noted

January 1, 1620

full title of OAD inv. 1755

Legger der verponding op de huizen, door Adriaen Claesz. Moeut in 1620 te innen

Basketmaker brothers Cornelis Phillips and Thonis Phillips, Antony's great-uncle and grandfather, were assessed for the property they owned.

Problem: Cornelis died in 1616.


  • four properties near the corner of the Verwersdijk and Molenstaat, reached from the Molenstraat through the Huych Andries poort, later called the Cromhoutspoort. He paid 26 stuivers for each of them. They are on pages 46v and 47r. For all four, he is listed first.
  • one property on the Oude Delft that he inherited (erfgenaam) for which he is listed first (and crossed out after the next person bought it) and for which he paid seven gulden.


  • four properties on the north side of the Leeuwenpoort on pages 248v, 249r and 249v, for which he is listed second or third. It is not clear what he paid. The first property is marked mey 1619 and it and the second are marked ongemaant vanaf 1622 18 aug 1624. The third and fourth properties have no indicated of what he paid.
  • two properties on the east side of the Oosteinde on pages 250r and 250v, for which he is listed first. He paid four gulden for one and four gulden 18 stuivers for the second.

OAD inv. 1755