Thonis Philips Leeuwenhoek

Other name: 
Thoenis, Tonis
c 1570
Death or Burial date: 
June 30, 1643

Like his father, grandfather, and brother, Thonis Philips was a basketmaker.

When he married the first time, in 1594, Thonis Philips lived on Oude Delft over de Halve Maan, according to Burg's geneology. Which house is that? His grandson Lambrecht Huijch (1624-1701) owned D0508 now Oude Delft 97, but that was decades later. There was a Halve Maan brewery, owned by Hugo Jacobs Bruijn van der Dussen, but it wasn't on Oude Delft.

His wife Geerdtgen Huygen bore four children, two of whom died in infancy, and two sons, Philips and Huijch, Antony's father and uncle. Since Geerdtgen died in 1600, Thonis must have been born around 1570.

In 1601, Thonis became a registered member of the Dutch Reformed Church the same year that he married second wife Neeltgen Cornelis. On 07-02-1601, he registered his three children at the Weeskamer.

Thonis and his two sons moved to the east side of Oosteinde near the Leeuwenpoortje (little Lion's Gate) for marriages two, three, and four (and three children who died in infancy, one with each wife).

In 1629, Thonis loaned 500 gulden to Jan Thomas van der Wilt, baker and shopkeeper in Zoetemeer. Van der Wilt had to repay half on July 1, 1632 and the other half on July 1, 1633.

Thonis owned B0546 now Verwersdijk 97 A and bequeathed it to granddaughter Geertruijt (Huijch's daughter). He owned A0985 - A0991, now on Dr. Schaepmanstraat, until Huijch got it April 1643. He owned E0073 now Oosteinde 56, where AvL grew up.

After April 1643, he lived with his son Huijch on Brabanste Turfmarkt.

Thonis outlived his son Philips (Antony's father), so his son Huijch was his only living child, getting the block of seven properties just outside the city gate, over the southeast corner of the singel on what is now Dr. Schaepmanstraat.
When he died in 1643, Thonis left a total of 4,000 guilders to be invested and shared by Hugo (Philips's brother) and Philips's children (Antony and his four surviving sisters) when they came of age (usually 25) or married. Antony presumably received one-third of half of this money when he married in 1654, by which time he had only two surviving sisters. He may have used that to make the payment on his house on the Hippolytusbuurt.

Thonis paid the verpondingen 1632 Cromhoutspoort (29 stuivers), noortsij van de poort van de Vest naet water (36 stuivers), idem (2 gulden), aen straet (5 gulden), Oosteinde O.. (5 gulden)haardstedegeld 1638 Oosteinde O.. (2 gulden).

Documents to be found about Thonis Phillipsz

    Register: omschrijvingbron namen van kopers en verkopers van onroerend goed en betaling van de transportbelasting hierover
    archiefnaam: Kamer van Charitate
    archiefnummer: 0447 folio 020r1
    wijk koper
    no dates

        adresaanduiding: Oostpoort, buiten de
        functie: kooltuin
        opmerkingen: cooltuijn
        toevoeging oude bronverwijzing: 365/11e020r1
        gulden 450

He bought the garden just outside the Oostpoort.


        adresaanduiding: Verwersdijk in een poort
        functie: huis en erve
        opmerkingen 1/4 van 5 huisjes
        toevoeging oude bronverwijzing: 366/19e-026r1
        gulden 150

He bought one of the little houses behind the big house on the Verwersdijk


Thuenis Philpszoon

    Register: omschrijvingbron namen van personen die zijn aangeslagen voor het haardstedengeld
    archiefnaam: Oud Archief stadsbestuur Delft, eerste afdeling
    archiefnummer: 0001
    inventarisnummer: 00589
    folio: 226v
    volgnummer: 1997
    no dates