parents Philips Thonis Leeuwenhoek and Margriete Jacobs van den Berch married

January 30, 1622

Leeuwenhoek's parents Philips Thonis Leeuwenhoek and Margriete Jacobs van den Berch married. He was living on Oosteinde, and she was living on Oude Langendijk. They registered at the Stadhuis, not the churches.


betrothal: DTB Delft inv. 124, fol. 82v

marriage: DTB Delft inv. 6, fol. 18v

For the betrothal, Digitale Stamboom cites inv. 124, the city's civil register of betrothals in the Stadhuis. For the marriage, it cites inv. 6, the combined ecclesiastical register of betrothals in one of the Dutch Reformed churches. However, the betrothal records often noted the subsequent marriage date, usually two weeks later.

Perhaps they registered their betrothal at both but got married in one of the churches.