Robert Hooke read part of Letter L-116 of 1682-03-03 about muscle fibers

March 18, 1682

Hooke published this letter in Philosophical Collections, no. 5


Birch, History, vol. IV, p. 135, 8 March 1681/2 (O.S.) in London:

Mr. Hooke brought in the translation of Mr. Leewenhoeck's letter, which he read and explained some parts of it, and gave an account of what observations he had himself formerly made about the fibrils of muscles, their smallness, and form much like a chain of beads or a necklace of pearl; and he remarked, that he had feveral times written to Mr. Leewenhoeck to defire him to inquire farther concerning the nature of muscles.

Mr. Hooke was desired to answer this letter of Mr. Leewenhoeck, and to send him the Philosophical Collections that had been printed, and to publish this letter in the next Collections.