Constantijn Huygens wrote to Oldenburg about Leeuwenhoek, a "painstaking man" who should be "cherished"

January 26, 1677

At the end of a long letter to Oldenburg in which he discussed the Queen of Hungary's water (rosemary flowers distilled in spirit of wine) and asked for a map of London for his son-in-law, Huygens wrote in French from the Hague (translation from the French from Correspondence of Henry Oldenburg, vol. 12, p. 255):

I beg you to let me now how your Society takes to the little worms in pepper-water of Leeuwenhoek, and also his anatomy of ice, and its eggs which he deals with like a midwife. This painstaking man may produce many more unknown things, and should be cherished.


This letter is found in the Royal Society's archive, Early Letters H3.35.