Abraham Maertens Hogenhouck

great-grandmother Neeltje's nephew Abraham's grandson
Birth or Baptism date: 
February 7, 1649
Death or Burial date: 
March 3, 1708

He inherited D0601 Koornmarkt 20 from his father in 1673 as well as D624 now Brabantse Turfmarkt 43, to which he added D 627 across the alley.

He inherited D0642 now Huyterstraat SS from his father 1673.

He owned E0572 now Oude Delft 47.

He inherited E0662, E0663, and E0664 outside the Zuidergracht (now on the east side of the north foot of St. Sebastian bridge) from his father in 1677.

An "N. Hoogenhouck brouwer" was owed money by Vermeer according to the archives of notary Testart van Hasselt (ONA 2158 fol 272 4 oct 1674).