The Evolution of the Microscope

Bradbury, S.
New York: Pergamon Press

Publisher's description

The Evolution of the Microscope covers some of the features of the history of the microscope and the rationale of the design features found in microscopes. The book discusses the first microscopes, the compound microscope in England (1650-1750), simple or single-lens microscopes, and the development of the achromatic microscope. The text also describes the microscope in Victorian times as well as the optical microscope since 1880. The search for greater resolving power such as the ultra-violet and electron microscopes is considered. Scientists and microscopists will find the book invaluable.

Table of Contents

1 The First Microscopes
2 The Compound Microscope in England: 1650-1750
3 Simple or Single-Lens Microscopes
4 The Eighteenth Century — A Period of Mechanical Development
5 The Development of the Achromatic Microscope
6 The Microscope in Victorian Times
7 The Optical Microscope Since 1880
8 The Search for Greater Resolving Power — The Ultra-Violet and the Electron Microscope