Drawing under the microscope

Morgunova, K.
The Repository
12 October 2015, blog
online: Royal Society

This blog entry discusses relationship between Leeuwenhoek's descriptions, the red chalk drawings, and the engravings in Philosophical Transactions for some later letters.

December 13, 1703

Part of a Letter from Mr Anthony van Leuwenhoek, F. R. S. concerning the Figures of Sand
vol. 24 no. 289 pp. 1537-1543

July 22, 1704

A Letter from Mr Antony Van Leeuwenhoek, F. R. S. concerning the Flesh of Whales, Crystaline Humour of the Eye of Whales, Fish, and Other Creatures, and of the Use of the Eye-Lids
vol. 24 no. 293 pp. 1723-1730 (not p. 292, as stated in the article)

January 24, 1721

Observations upon the Vessels in Several Sorts of Wood, and upon the Muscular Fibres of Different Animals. By the Same Curious and Inquisitive Person
vol. 31 no. 367 pp. 134-141

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