Chronology of events: 1673--1692

For some events, the year is certain but the month and day are not. Example: We know only the year for the collections of Leeuwenhoek's letters published in Dutch during his lifetime.

For other events, the season or month are certain but the day is not. Example: Leeuwenhoek mentions that someone visited him "last month".

On the other hand, many events did indeed happen on the first day of a month. Example: public appointments to Delft's city offices took effect on January 1 of each year. Thus:

  • A date of January 1 in a given year may indicate that the year is certain but the month and day are not.
  • A date of 1 in a given month may indicate that the year and month are certain but the day is not.

Unless otherwise indicated, for events in England, the date given is Old Style, 10 days behind the Dutch Republic's New Style until 1700 and then 11 days behind.

October 17, 1687 Wrote Letter L-193 of 1687-10-17 to members of the Royal Society about amber, 'burned paper' from the sky, rotifers, maggots, blow flies, the stinging hairs of nettles, and the East-Indian centipede
November 24, 1687 nephew Johannes Adriaans Swalmius married Magdelena van Mierop
November 26, 1687 The Royal Society read part of Letter L-192 about the generation of ants
November 28, 1687 Wrote Letter L-194 of 1687-11-28 to members of the Royal Society about his discovery that cochineal was an insect and his experiments with cinchona bark
December 3, 1687 The Royal Society read and discussed the latter part of Letter L-192 about the generation of ants
December 11, 1687 The Royal Society ordered that Letter L-194 be translated
January 1, 1688 Published Vervolg der Brieven (Continuation of the Letters), Letters 53 - 60 (2nd)
January 1, 1688 Wrote Letter L-195 of sometime in 1688 to Robert Boyle, now lost
April 2, 1688 printer-bookseller Hendrik van Cronevelt bought the house next door
May 25, 1688 Wrote Letter L-196 of 1688-05-25 to members of the Royal Society about a medicinal root and bladderstones
July 6, 1688 Wrote Letter L-197 of 1688-07-06 to the members of the Royal Society bezoar stone, monkey stone, gout tubercles, and red coral and white coral
August 3, 1688 Wrote Letter L-198 of 1688-08-03 to the members of the Royal Society about plaster, alabaster, gypsum, Muscovite glass, cobblestone, shell lime, masonry mortar, lime, cement, sand stone, and slate
August 24, 1688 Wrote Letter L-199 of 1688-08-24 to the members of the Royal Society about gnats, horseflies; growth of branches, germination of wheat plants, the soft and hard roe of cod, and the number of sperm in a cod's soft roe
September 7, 1688 Wrote Letter L-200 of 1688-09-07 to the members of the Royal Society
September 15, 1688 Published Den Waaragtigen Omloop des Bloeds (On the True Circulation of Blood), Letter 65 (L-200)
September 23, 1688 Wrote Letter L-201 of 1688-09-23 to Melchisedec Thevenot, a cover letter for a copy of Leeuwenhoek's Letter L-200, published separately as Den waaragtigen omloop des bloeds.
January 1, 1689 Published Continuatio Epistolarum (Continuation of the Letters), Letters 53-60
January 1, 1689 Published Tweede Vervolg der Brieven (Second Continuation of the Letters), Letters 61 - 67
January 1, 1689 Wrote Letter L-202 of sometime in 1689 to Antonio Magliabechi, a cover letter for one of his books
January 12, 1689 Wrote Letter L-203 of 1689-01-12 to Robert Boyle, a cover letter for Continuatio epistolarum and a copy of Letter L-204
January 12, 1689 Wrote Letter L-204 of 1689-01-12 to the members of the Royal Society about his observation of the circulation of the blood in a variety of fish as well as a description of the construction of his ‘eel spy-glass’ and the slime on the skin of an eel
March 6, 1689 Christiaan Huygens wrote Letter L-205 to Leeuwenhoek, thanking him for the gift of a mangrove tree and inquires whether L.’s observations of the circulation of the blood could also be seen in the wings of bats, the legs of ducks, and the ears of rats
April 1, 1689 Did not write any letters between April 1689 and mid-September 1691
April 1, 1689 Wrote Letter L-206 of 1689-04-01 to the members of the Royal Society
April 23, 1689 Appointed guardian of the children of Jacob Bellart
May 27, 1689 Anthonie Heinsius became Grand Pensionary of the States of Holland
June 21, 1689 nephew Adriaan Johannes Swalmius baptized, witnessed by Antony and Cornelia
October 1, 1689 Wrote Letter L-207 of October 1689 to Christiaan Huygens about sending books to father Constantijn Huygens in London
October 19, 1689 cousin Adriaen Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek married Eva Jacobs Overschie
March 6, 1690 Christiaan Huygens wrote Letter L-208 to Leeuwenhoek about liquids in glass balls and Iceland crystal
April 3, 1690 cousin Maarten Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek married Margareta Pieters van Limburg
April 17, 1690 daughter Maria made a will
September 7, 1690 Bought the other part of the garden outside the walls of the city
January 1, 1691 Published Onsigtbare Verborgentheden (Invisible Mysteries), Letters 38, 42, 43 (2nd)
March 2, 1691 Gottfried Leibniz wrote to Christiaan Huygens praising Leeuwenhoek, "who tells me what he observes"
May 27, 1691 Antonio Magliabechi wrote Letter L-209 of 1691-05-27 to Leeuwenhoek about book news and Leibniz's reaction to some of Leeuwenhoek's observations
September 18, 1691 Wrote Letter L-210 of 1691-09-18 to Antonio Magliabechi about
September 21, 1691 William Stanley wrote Letter L-211 of 1691-09-21 to Leeuwenhoek, a courtesy letter
November 27, 1691 Wrote Letter L-212 of 1691-11-27 to the members of the Royal Society about blood, chyle, and an experiment to discover the volume of water when it is cold and when it is heated
December 2, 1691 mentor Cornelis 's Gravesande died
December 5, 1691 mentor Cornelis 's Gravesande buried
December 6, 1691 brother-in-law Jan Jacobs de Molijn buried
January 1, 1692 William Molyneaux wrote about a visit to Leeuwenhoek
January 4, 1692 Wrote Letter L-213 of 1692-01-04 to the members of the Royal Society about bladder and kidney stones and a chalk-like substance from a gout stone
January 13, 1692 niece Geertruijt Jans de Molijn inherited property from her father Jan Jacobs
February 1, 1692 Robert Hooke called Leeuwenhoek the microscope's "single votary"
February 1, 1692 Wrote Letter L-214 of 1692-02-01 to the members of the Royal Society about various peppers and their taste, tea and its effects of tea on digestion, and Spanish fly
February 12, 1692 Richard Waller wrote Letter L-215 to Leeuwenhoek about his recent observations and the structure of grass
March 7, 1692 Wrote Letter L-216 of 1692-03-07 to the members of the Royal Society about corn-weevels, corn-moths, caterpillars, butterflies, calanders, lice in corn-lofts, little animals in rain water, black-flies in blossoms, and maggots in cheese
March 19, 1692 Reimbursed for purchase of distilled water and wine
April 22, 1692 Wrote Letter L-217 of 1692-04-22 to Richard Waller about the construction of an air pump and experiments with different liquids, seeds and small stones in urine, a hog's hair in the skin of a child, and grains of wheat
June 24, 1692 Antonio Magliabechi wrote Letter L-219 of 1692-06-24 to Leeuwenhoek about recent books that he thought might be of interest by Ramazzini and Guiglielmini
June 24, 1692 Wrote Letter L-218 of 1692-06-24 to the members of the Royal Society about more experiments with his air-pump, the structure of and blood in an insect's wing, a grey owlet moth, and the wing of a very small fly
July 22, 1692 Christiaan Huygens began second series of observations of little animals replicating and expanding on Leeuwenhoek's
August 12, 1692 Wrote Letter L-220 of 1692-08-12 to the members of the Royal Society about the shaft of a bird's feather as used in a quill, the lens and cornea of the human and calf eyes, 'wood-pipes' in different species of wood, bulrushes, and pine and lime wood
September 16, 1692 Wrote Letter L-221 of 1692-09-16 to the members of the Royal Society about little animals in dental tartar, theories of eel reproduction, worms in eel intestines, and blood vessels in grasshoppers
September 23, 1692 Wrote Letter L-222 of 1692-09-23 to Mary, Queen of Great Britain, the dedication to Derde Vervolg der Brieven
October 20, 1692 Christiaan Huygens wrote Letter L-223 to Leeuwenhoek about the procreation of eels and spontaneous generation and praised his work and diligence
November 29, 1692 cousin Sara Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Cornelis Luda
December 21, 1692 cousin Jacob Adriaens Leeuwenhoek (1692-1724) baptized