Wrote Letter L-584 of 1723-03-19 to James Jurin about blood, the size of blood globules, the state of his health, and the role of the ovary in reproduction

March 19, 1723
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Collected Letters volume: 

In keeping with Jurin’s request in Letter L-575 of 26 May 1722 (dated 15 May 1722 O.S.), in this volume, L. had this letter translated from Dutch into Latin before he signed and sent it. According to the manuscript, the translator was the same person who translated Letter L-581 of 20 November 1722, identified as probably Hendrick van Rijn. See Letter L-581 of 20 November 1722.

The letter was published in Philosophical Transactions in Latin, so no contemporary English translation was made.

The Latin title in Philosophical Transactions translates to “On the globules in blood and the lees in wine. Posthumous letter from Mr. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, in his lifetime a most worthy member of the Royal Society in London, to James Jurin, R.S. secr.”

The letter was read during the 28 May 1723 O.S. meeting of the Royal Society.