Wrote Letter L-570 of 1721-06-27 to the members of the Royal Society about finally discovering the little holes in the membranes of beans and peas and about the little vessels in seed membranes

June 27, 1721
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The letter was dated 27 June 1721 N.S. in Delft, which was 16 June 1721 O.S. in London. It was ordered to be translated at the 22 June 1721 O.S. meeting of the Royal Society, Journal Book, vol. 13, p. 113: “A Letter of Mr. Leewenhoecks of the 27 of June NS. was produced and ordered to be gott translated.” John Chamberlayne made the translation, which was not read until almost two years later at the 21 March 1723 meeting, Royal Society, Journal Book, vol. 13, p. 272-73. The Journal Book has a long, detailed summary of the letter that ends, “Mr. Leeuwenhoeck was ordered thanks for his Letter and Mr. Chamberlain the same for his Trouble in translating it”.