Wrote Letter L-424 of sometime before 16 September 1704 to Pieter Hotton about the canals that raise the yellow sap in a common plant

September 1, 1704
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Collected Letters volume: 

This letter is known only by reference in another letter. This letter and Hotton’s reply, Letter L-425 in this volume, constitute their only known exchange of letters. The dates of the letters are not specified in L.’s letter to the Royal Society, but they were probably written in August or early September 1704.

In response to visitor Pieter Hotton’s question about the nature of the canals that raise the yellow sap in the common plant greater celandine, L. sends his observations.

Letter 250 L-426 of 16 September 1704 to the Royal Society

Mr. Peter Hotton, professor of medicine and botany at Leiden as well as a fellow of the Royal Society, again visited me, and while discussing several things, the said gentleman requested me to examine the Chilidonium Majus, to wit whether the canals which raise the yellow sap are different from other canals. I then sent the said gentleman my modest observations.

Pieter Hotton (1648-1709) was the professor of botany at Leiden University between Paul Herman and Herman Boerhaave and had the year before been elected a member of the Royal Society.