Wrote letter of 1715-01-11 (AB 312) to Anthonie Heinsius

January 11, 1715
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Signed autograph letter. The manuscript is to be found in The Hague, Nationaal Archief, Archief Anthonie Heinsius, toegangsnr. 3.01.19, inv.nr. 1931; 1 quarto page.

Not published.

Accompanying letter to a copy of a letter on muscle fibres.

It is not clear of which letter L. sent a copy to HEINSIUS. The first letter in which L. acknowledged his new opinion is Letter 308 [XII] of 26 October 1714, to the Royal Society. However, because of the mention of the tendons running crosswise (see note 2), it concerns probably Letter 310 [XIV] of 9 November 1714, in this volume.